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eNewsletter 31/05/2018



3259 9366- Please call by 9.15am


Third Wednesday each month


Please go to our front page and follow the tuckshop link to order 


Please use the 2 minute zone correctly
1. Collect children from the top of the line
2. Keep moving- no kid- do a lap
3. Do not obstruct the zebra crossing
4. Never double park


Term 2 Suncorp Stadium Events
Please check your class event
Date -School Gate -Kick Off -Class
Not sure what to do and would like to volunteer?
Contact: Rob Ashby 0409 649 308
Or Chris McCabe 0428 357 860

​Term 2 Week 7 


01 June Gala Sports Day
08 June Gala Sports Day
13 June ICAS Spelling
14 June ICAS Writing
18 June 6H Nudgee Beach Excursion
20 June Under 8's Day


STAY IN PLAY AREAS – Stay in the play areas so that Teachers are able to know you are safe or if you need help.
ACTS OF KINDNESS - An act of kindness is like Filling a Bucket – doing something kind for someone just because you can; when you think it would make them smile and feel good.
Dear Families and Friends,
Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the Positive Schools Conference. Attending an event with so many likeminded educators was an absolute joy!!  I am hoping that you will enjoy some of the information that I want to share with our community to help support our students to develop into resilient and respectful teenagers by the time they move onto high school.  One of the presenters came from an organisation called URStrong.  Below is a brief outline of how they help support student friendship development and how to empower resilience. I hope your enjoy this information. 
Number one– no friendship is perfect. Everyone will have ups and downs, and that’s OK. In fact, it’s normal. Perfectly normal. So time to get rid of the horrid ‘he/she’s not my friend, – it’s about addressing the issue, and solving the conflict. Just like adult life, right?
Number two – every friendship is different. You may have friends you see every day in the playground. Others you see once a year when your parents take you camping. Or maybe a few you’ve made at Saturday gymnastics or Sunday soccer. And they all have their place in your life.
The third friendship rule - is that trust and respect are the two most important qualities of a partnership. Absolutely. Couldn’t agree more.
Last, but certainly not least, is that friendships change. And that’s OK. Some you outgrow, some become ‘sometimes’ friends instead of every-single-second friends, and others fizzle out because you don’t have anything in common or move cities.
The friend-o-meter
Friends can be like foods. They can be healthy and make you feel good, full, and satisfied. They can help you grow and make you smile. They can also be unhealthy and make you feel good for a short time – but soon enough, if you have too much for too long, you may feel sick. It’s common for parents to say kids should be friends with everyone. But as we know, that’s not realistic.
Not everyone is for everyone, and it’s up to us who we want in our lives. If they make us happy, they are in the ‘healthy green zone’ on the friend-o-meter. If they make us sad, feel excluded or unloved, they would rate on the unhealthy red side. That’s what we want to avoid. So it’s good for youngsters to learn whether a friendship is worth pursuing or not – and understanding they have that choice from a young age sets some pretty solid ground rules for the types of people you want in your life.
How to put out a friendship fire
The word ‘fight’ can feel so unwelcoming. So stomach-churningly negative. Instead, this can be talked about ‘friendship fires’, and the right ways you can help put them out. So a friendship fire may be that your son was given a nickname. Just for argument’s sake, let’s say it’s Stinker. At first he liked it, but after a few days it started to make him understandably uncomfortable. So, to put out the fire, your little man should ask to speak to his friend, one on one, and talk about it.
“So Mack. That nickname you gave me – well at first I thought it was really fun and funny – but now, not so much. It’s making me feel a bit sad actually, and I’ve decided I don’t like it after all.” And the right response? Acknowledge the situation, address their feelings with empathy, and find a positive solution. “Oh gee Rory. I’m so sorry, I had no idea it was making you feel that way. I won’t call you Stinker again, don’t you worry. Let’s make up a new nickname you do like!”  this works really well with our current use of the Hi 5 strategy.
How can you help?
As parents, we can feel tempted to get involved in anything that makes your child upset. But don’t. Your role is to be the coach. Prepare them, train them to become stronger, help them understand they have the abilities to put out that friendship fire themselves – and then send them out to do just that. Connect with them – share your own stories about issues you’ve had and how you resolved them. They are ‘teachable moments’ you need to use to your advantage.
Set a good example, and encourage them to stand up for themselves. Build their confidence, involve them in after-school activities and encourage a range of support networks, just for them. Building a friendship language together brings you to their level, and them to yours. It creates a lovely connection between parent and child, and shows you care - and importantly, that you can help without embarrassing them or making it worse. For more information on how to be a good friend, and how to raise one, visit
Enjoy your week


Oliver and Grandad spent time in the garden. Prep E
Gala Day: packed with epic fun and teamwork. 6H


Sadie 1/2S
Each child has been issued with a unique envelope today which they need to return on or before 13 June. Payment options available on your unique envelop, all payments go directly to Mel Noonan Photography. Please DO NOT make any payments to the school for photos.
AFL Mondays 3:15pm - 4:15pm (Limited spaces remaining)
GOLF Thursdays 3:15pm - 4:15pm (Full)


Next P&C Meeting - Wednesday 20th June
A responsible adult from Jabiru is always present in the adjoining room for children wishing to watch a movie while the meeting takes place. 
PARKING VOLUNTEER ROSTER: Please help us raise funds for our school by helping with our car parking for the following games:  Your job will be to collect $20 per car. 
• Reds V Highlanders Saturday 26th May 6:30 – 7:45pm
• Reds V Waratahs Saturday 2nd June 6:00 – 7:45pm
• Wallabies V Ireland Saturday 9th June 6:00 – 7:45pm
• Broncos V Raiders Saturday 30th June 5:30 – 7:45pm
Register on
Not sure what to do and would like to volunteer?  Contact Chris McCabe 0428 357 860
Thank you from the P&C
Many thanks to Sandy, Karen and everyone else who helped organise a lovely P&C celebration last Friday. Thank you to all those who came along; it was a great morning. 
150th Celebrations 
Our 150th celebration will be on October 13th from 3pm-8pm. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with graphic design, food stalls, entertainment and more. Please contact Jess McVeigh if you are able to help.
Organisation is well underway; if you have something you would like to contribute to this special celebration, please contact Jess McVeigh.


GoCA – Gallery of Children’s Art
Gallery of Children's Art (GoCA) launching in Brisbane in May 2018, values and respects the voice, ideas and creativity of children, and highlights their capacity to significantly contribute to the cultural life of our community.
Address: 17 Manning St, South Brisbane
Opening Hours:
Friday 5pm 8pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm
“Supported by the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund and the Councillor for Paddington Ward”

KIDS YOGA- now at Petrie Terrace State School
Wednesday @ 1st break - 11am - 11.30
Bumbletown Hall
Grades 3-6
First week free!!
For more information contact (Mum to Charlie Grade 6, Elkie Grade 3)
YOGA for PTSS Parents!
Wednesday mornings 9-10am in the
PTSS school hall.
$15 per class. Mats provided.  Everyone welcome!!
For more info contact