Petrie Terrace State School Parents and Citizens Association

President's message

The Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) meets the third Wednesday of each month falling within the school terms. Meetings commence at 6.30pm in the school hall. You are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings to be informed and have a say in the life of the school.

Working groups are formed from this committee or as the need arises. We have a great little community. Join in and get involved!

Rob Ashby

How can I get involved in the P&C

There are many ways to be involved in the P&C.  If you are too busy to be actively involved but would like to receive the minutes from our meetings and the Principal’s reports, you simply need to email our secretary for a membership form, This needs to be completed each year to retain membership.

If you are keen to be more actively involved, as well as the membership form we encourage you to attend our meetings on the third Wednesday of each month (during school terms) at 6:30pm in the Bumbletown Hall (school assembly hall).

Please also have a look through the list of working groups above. If joining and helping in one of these groups appeals to you, email the coordinator. They will be thrilled hear from you. Many hands make light work!

Meeting dates for 2020

  • 19 February
  • 18 March - annual general meeting
  • No April meeting
  • 20 May
  • 17 June
  • 15 July
  • 19 August
  • 16 September
  • 21 October
  • 18 November
  • 16 December


President - Rob Ashby -

Vice-president Paul Campbell-Ryder

Vice President - Paul Campbell-Ryder

Secretary - Emma Knowland - 

Treasurer - Nicola Moran -

Working groups

Working GroupCoordinator/sContact Email


Carolyn Lloyd (Term 1)

Uniform Shop

Mark Moran

Car Parking

Chris McCabe

​Heating & Cooling​Stephen

Art Show

Cleo Rosenthal
Jess McVeigh
Bonnie Masters

Community Connections 

Freya Brown

​Events​Bonnie Masters
​Grounds & sustainability
​Corporate partnerships



Uniform shop

For more information about the Uniform Shop, such as opening hours and online ordering, please go to Uniform shop.


Petrie Terrace State School has an amazing Tuckshop menu that changes seasonally.  Tuckshop Day is Thursday but orders must be placed by 8pm the previous Tuesda. More information is available on the Tuckshop information page.

Parent Representatives information

The Parent Representatives Committee enables feedback on parent issues to the school leadership team and the P&C. Each class has a parent representative. Please email the Parent Representative Coordinator listed in the Working Groups P&C information or email your teacher to find out who your parent representative is.

Suncorp Stadium events - parking at PTSS

Thanks for your interest in parking at PTSS for events at Suncorp Stadium. All proceeds from parking cars go towards school improvements, so it's a great cause.

Parking will be provided on a "first in first served" basis. The fee for parking is $20.00 per vehicle at the gate (cash only). Parking attendants are volunteer workers (parents of children at the school). 

On the day of the event the parking gates and an attendant will be onsite from 90 minutes before the game until 10 minutes before kick-off (unless the parking spaces are already full). Please proceed to the gate to the oval. When this area is full (or unattended) please proceed to the upper gate. 

After the event the gates will be locked 2 hours after the completion of the event or no later than 11pm if a night game. The next available time to remove your vehicle will be the following school day.  

We have upgraded our parking to provide a safer cleaner parking surface.  Petrie Terrace State School or its Parents and Citizens Association will not be liable for any damage to person or property and you park at your own risk. 

Parking entrance is off Moreton Street - please check our contact us page for further address details including a Google Map.

We endeavour to provide parking on all Broncos, Reds and Roar Games, Series Finals and all Suncorp Stadium Special Events.

Thank you.
Petrie Terrace State School - Parents and Citizens Association

Last reviewed 02 June 2020
Last updated 02 June 2020