Petrie Terrace State School boasts an impressive array of facilities and programs that support every student’s learning needs.

Multi-purpose hall

The Maeve Coughlan Memorial Hall, affectionately know as ‘Bumble Town Hall’ has 2 General Learning Areas with an operable wall and is open most of time for recreation, learning and assemblies.  The hall also has dedicated music room and practice and recording room.  The hall also has a purpose built kitchen and office space for the Jabiru Kids Outside Hours Care program.


We have an impressive oval and Sports Shed that enables storage of equipment and allows students to utilise equipment during breaks.  Our oval also has a large sandpit and outdoor playground equipment.  Our netball and basketball courts also allow for a range of other games to be played as well.

Our junior playspace consists of a nature playground, where children can explore and play in natural surroundings.

We have shaded and undercover break and meal areas for students to enjoy their breaks in our beautiful surroundings.

Water tanks

Our campus has 6 X 3,000 litre deep ocean blue corrugated steel water tanks that are nestled into the building alcoves.  These tanks have no electric pumps but rather gravity feed taps for student to fill buckets and watering cans for classroom gardens.  We have 2 large 15,000 litre poly tanks connected and pressurised to the Hall toilet systems and external tank taps.

Music room

Our music room is a specialist facility that enables all students to have access to quality instruments, facilities and technologies to engage in their individual, group and classroom programs. We have a fully equipped recording studio that is utilised at various times throughout the year and for special events.

Learning spaces

We have an innovative and unique campus that boasts large open classrooms with lots of windows and natural light, sliding doors to outdoor verandahs and spaces. All classrooms have access to the communal learning spaces where students can work individually, in groups and as a cohort for performances and presentations.

Resource centre

Our Resource Centre is where staff and students alike work on projects and daily activities.  It is covered by our wireless coverage and has plenty of student friendly data connections as well.  It enables students and staff to engage in collaborative learning with state of the art resources.


Our Library is utilised for classroom sessions weekly, it is an organised sanctuary that enables students, professionals and families to access materials and resources for learning and to develop the love of reading in all.  Students can also access the Library and its resources during breaks.

Professional spaces

We support a large number of ancillary staff and professionals that make up the team at our school and we provide quality spaces and environments for all.

Uniform shop

Our uniform shop enables families to purchase the school and sports uniforms and accessories from our school.

Last reviewed 26 March 2019
Last updated 26 March 2019