Gifted students


​​Gifted and talented students

Optimising every student’s opportunity to achieve their potential lies at the heart of the Department of Education's commitment to all students.

Giftedness in a student is commonly characterised by an advanced pace of learning, quality of thinking or capability for remarkably high standards of performance compared to students of the same age. Although these students are capable of outstanding achievement, the learning environment is pivotal to enabling them to demonstrate and develop their abilities. Students who are gifted are at risk of underachieving and disengaging from learning if they are not identified and catered for appropriately.

Petrie Terrace State School has developed a process for identifying gifted students. Many tools are available to assist with identification and a combination of techniques is necessary, including teachers’ informed observations and professional judgment. The recommended identification tool for state schools is the Gifted and Talented Checklist for Teachers developed by Michael Sayler.

Parents may find useful information at the Queensland Association of Gifted and Talented Children website.

Our vision for students who are gifted is that they feel valued in a learning environment which both challenges and supports them to pursue excellence and develop a passion for lifelong learning.

Young Scholars and High Achievers Program

Our students engage in the Queensland Academies Young Scholars program and visit Universities to participate in learning experiences and challenges. This is open to all students who successfully meet the criteria.

In addition, each year students in Years 5 and 6 are nominated by the school to participate in the City Colletive​ of Schools High Achievers Program. This is an extension and enrichment program offered during class time over a period of 6 weeks.

Student leaders

Students in Grade 6 are all considered Student Leaders which is an honour and privilege and recognition of their contribution to the school community.

Student Leadership is highly valued by our school community.  At Petrie Terrace State School our Year 6 Leaders are inducted into the leadership body by their fellow students and undertake important duties such as Peer Support Leaders and Student Councillors.

In a multi-age setting opportunities for every student to develop and demonstrate leadership qualities is fostered from the time they enter Prep.  By the time our students are in their final year of Primary School they are well accustomed to taking responsibility, being a positive role model for others, and leading by example in a variety of interests and personal talents.


Thinksports is an annual event that is organised as a vertical school house competition. It is really a mental athletics carnival.

Prior to the day: Children work alone or with learning partners of different ages to design and construct an invention. Children are guided through a range of scaffolded learning experiences that explicitly teach the skills of collaboration, cooperation and creative thinking skills.

On the day: Inventions are displayed at school. All students, staff, parents and community visitors anonymously vote for inventions that they feel show outstanding creativity and original thought.

Last reviewed 10 June 2022
Last updated 10 June 2022